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time: 02-14-2006" (when it - Its not mine) then it asks to install libltdl7 in root and remove various extra's that you dont need then it asks to reboot and nothing happens but i'm able to start it again ok I'll try to find that.text file. or at least I can see the contents of it. yes my card is not supported in open source drivers ive found a way to switch between the open source and the nvidia drivers but it really needs to be repaired hmmm i just updated to the latest version and it appears to be working I am using xubuntu 11.10 beta 2 It says : intel(0): [Xorg.0] UnloadModule: "int10" intel(0): [Xorg.0] LoadModule: "int10" then after that it has (initramfs) All of a sudden i had to shut the computer down ... I restarted it and it started to load again Now it says : "kernel alive" and then after that "linux_image is also built-in" I already have the latest version of xorg but not of the kernel.. how can i install it? maru, add "deb natty main" to /etc/apt/sources.list "initrd.img is also built-in" Froodle, i will try to reboot and come back if i have not luck ? maru, that's your kernel. maru, if you want your kernel, do the same "deb natty main" And then I




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Gta San Andreas 1mb Only Full Download link

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